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THE LOVE ORACLE is designed to shed light on all the various relationship situations you encounter in life. It is packed with words of wisdom, clarity, and advice to help you gain insight into yourself and your interactions with others.

THE LOVE ORACLE is based on the principle that there are no coincidences in life, that everything you draw to you happens for a reason. So, out of the 12,960,000 combinations of words of solace and advice from the 240 cards, the four cards you pick at any given time will have a special meaning and value for you. Be willing to learn and grow from the messages the cards give you at any particular time.

The Game can be played with one person alone, or with a group of people, each person playing one at a time.

The object of the Game is to ask questions in order to gain insight into a particular problem or challenging situation as far as love and relationships are concerned. When you are the one playing, ask a question about a situation you are in by typing it as indicated. Then you "shuffle" each deck of cards, one deck at a time, while focusing on your question. After you shuffle the first deck, "Guiding Truths," a card will automatically be drawn and displayed on your screen.

Continue in the same manner for each of the three subsequent decks. If after you have pondered (or discussed) the messages from that round of cards, you may draw another card if you wish additional feedback. One round may be sufficient for you, or you may feel prompted to do more than one round. Do whatever feels most comfortable for you at the time. (For maximum benefit, it is best to limit yourself to three rounds per question. It is more valuable to ponder and explore the answers you've received, rather than continually asking for more information.)

Obviously, when you are alone, you will want to ponder the meaning of each card as you select it and see how it is relevant to your situation. Look within and find whatever part of you is resonating with the message on the cards. Sometimes the cards will stimulate various feelings within you and help you to get in touch with any blocks you may have in relationship situations. The cards may also indicate further work you need to do on yourself in order to resolve certain relationship issues.

When you're in a group of people, take time to discuss each card as you select it. Tell the group what it means to you, and let them give you feedback as to what they perceive. Such feedback can only stimulate thoughts and feelings in you and give you more insight into what's going on within you. This will give you additional support in dealing with any parts of you that are stuck or blocked in some way.

When formulating a question, it is best to ask one that does not simply require a "yes" or "no" response, although you may ask such a question if you feel prompted to do so.

Since the purpose of the game is to help you clarify various love and relationship issues, here are some example of questions that would work well:

  1. "What do I need to learn from my relationship with (whomever)?" Or: "What is this relationship trying to show me?"
  2. "What seems to be getting in my way from relationships (or a particular relationship) working out for me?"
  3. "What do you advise me on my relationship with (whomever)?"
  4. "Where am I getting stuck in relationships?"
  5. "What is the source of my anxiety regarding relationships?"
  6. "What relationship advice do I need today/right now?"
  7. "What should I remember when I go out with (whomever)?"
  8. "What do you think about (whomever) coming over Friday night?"
  9. You could ask a general question, such as: "Tell me what I need to know in my life right now?"... and simply let the cards share whatever piece of wisdom they have for you in the moment.

Some people ask questions like: "Should I move to Texas?" or: "Will this job work out for me?" In cases like these, be willing to get information that would be most valuable for you, and simply extrapolate whatever meaning is appropriate for you, as it relates to your question. The cards will still give you helpful insights, but you may have to let your intuition help you to clarify their meaning for you and how it relates to the question you asked. If you are willing to take responsibility for attracting the cards with the perfect answers for you, then you will find value in whatever answers you receive.

The Significance of the Four Decks:

Guiding Truths Card

Guiding Truths

As we go through life, each of us, in our own way, seeks truth. We all seek some sort of philosophy, some set of rules or beliefs to which we can subscribe. We all want to create some sense of order in our lives, by following what we believe to be true. These "Guiding Truths" will give you just such pearls of wisdom - profound words of advice and counsel that will guide and direct you towards greater happiness, harmony, and success in all your relationships. They represent important signposts, along the path of life, that will give you new understandings and teach you how to make your relationships (and your life!) more joyous and loving than ever before.

Questions To Ponder Card

Questions to Ponder

As each of us looks within to find our own truth, there are always questions we must ask ourselves, questions which wake us up to the truth of our own Being. It is important to ask ourselves such questions in order to continue growing, to keep from stagnating. These "Questions to Ponder" will give you food for thought, giving you cause to examine yourself and your life in greater depth, so that you may grow beyond your present limitations and become the free and loving Being that you are at your essence.

Seeds of Transformation Card

Seeds of Transformation

Our thoughts - both conscious and subconscious - are always creating our reality. Our beliefs act like filters through which we experience the world around us. In order to heal yourself deeply and transform negative situations into positive ones, you must be willing to examine and change your thoughts and beliefs. The "Seeds of Transformation" offer new thoughts or beliefs ("affirmations") that will help change your perspective and transform the quality of the circumstances you attract in life. The "Seeds of Transformation" will help uplift you and allow you to experience something new and different in your life, particularly in the area of love and relationships.

Path of Action Card

Path of Action

Often we react in habitual ways and do or say things that backfire on us and keep us from getting the response from others we truly want. Sometimes we just don't know what's best to do in a given situation. The "Path of Action" cards will suggest something that you can do to resolve a particular issue, in order to experience the most positive outcome possible. Sometimes a clear and definite action is required. At other times, more inward searching may be necessary before the goal can be achieved. The "Path of Action" cards will let you know what seems best to do, in this moment, to help you resolve your particular issue.